What is the most efficient exercise machine found in gyms today?


In terms of muscle groups utilized?

Here at Luxury Home Gyms we often ask ourselves questions about the fitness world. These questions often lead to interesting answers, this intern helps our clients at Luxury Home Gyms decide what’s best for them?

This week we are considering What is the most efficient exercise machine found in gyms today, in terms of muscle groups utilised?

We have thought about lots of different pieces of equipment to form our answer. Whilst it is always hard to separate cardiovascular equipment from weight training equipment, we do think we have found an answer.

At Luxury Home Gyms we feel that the more diverse the apparatus the more enjoyable your work out and the better the results. How many times have you done the same old 20 minutes on the bike? Or the same 20 sit-ups? This has no real benefit to your fitness or mindset.

Luxury Home Gyms always recommends an adjustable pulley system. These systems vary in price but they are fantastic in achieving what we want for all our clients…. Motivation & Gains!

Luxury Home Gyms love to inspire our clients, an adjustable pulley system can provide a work out for every muscle group. “you could use one for 10 years and never do everything it is capable of doing” says one industry expert.

You can vary work outs between a high cardio tempo and a heavy one reputation muscle building.
You can practice yoga and flexibility one minute and then get your personal best on bicep curl the next.


What are the main benefits of cable exercises?

Being able to perform exercises in different ranges of motion is one of the primary benefits of including cable machine exercises in your workout.
Also, the American Council on Exercise says that stepping away from barbells and dumbbells and using cables for a few weeks can help increase your strength and break a fitness plateau.


But, what exactly makes cable exercises such a great workout?

Well, for starters, it’s unlike a typical weightlifting machine that has a fixed path of movement.
Grayson Wickham, PT, DPT, CSCS, founder of Movement Vault, points out that a cable machine allows you the freedom to move the way you want to move, and choose the path and motion of the exercise or movement.

Additionally, “cable machines provide a smooth, non-jerky concentric and eccentric contraction while exercising,” he explains.
A cable machine also enables you to perform more exercise variations for multiple muscle groups and allows you to go light or heavy with resistance.
Plus, because this equipment is generally safe, beginners are less likely to get injured using a cable machine compared with free weights or traditional weight machines, Wickham explained.

Mecayla Froerer, BS, NASM, and iFit personal trainer, explains that because cable machines are easy to use, you can get set up quickly, allowing you to move quickly through your workout.

That said, it does take some time to get used to using the cable system and the variety of handles you can use for different types of exercises. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll likely enjoy the efficiency and intensity of this total-body trainer.

Luxury Home Gym clients have seen some major gains who use a dual pulley system in relation to other sports. We have had feedback from our clients about how they have improved in a wide variety of other sports they do such as: Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Dancing and Skiing. This improvement has been attributed to both stamina and strength. Being able to do your other hobbies better has been a true inspiration for our clients.


In summary

Luxury Home Gyms believe this is a fantastic product to get in your home gym. Enjoying serious gains no matter what your fitness goals are as well as you ability level.

LHG would also recommend one of our expert home tutorial videos to ensure you get the most out of your system

Now you know why a home gym is so beneficial, why not contact us to begin your own home fitness journey!

Efficient Exercise Machine
Efficient Exercise Machine